Accademia Napoletana at Casa Italiana NYU

“Neapolitan: more than a sentiment!” A language of art, culture, song, philosophy, genuine food and… “sapé campà!”

Neapolitan, Language of anti-fascism, language and culture of Resistance.

The necessity to safeguard this intangible and material heritage at risk for Italy and over all  Neapolitan mother tongue children.

Accademia Napoletana’s work to social and cultural rights all over the world.

Dr. Massimiliano Verde, president of the Neapolitan Academy will talk – in conversation with journalist Angela Vitaliano (Grazia) – about his work to promote this heritage that is also very present in the United States and will explain why this treasure must be preserved and passed on.

Cause…Napule è…‘na lengua!



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